good stuff~

  1. WinRT demystified – Miguel de Icaza gives a nice discussion of the WinRT, looking at its origins, the problems it looks to fix, and discusses its use in building components
  2. Download all the Build Videos with RSS – Michael Crump highlights the availability of RSS feeds including the links to the video recordings of //Build Sessions. Greg Duncan also has a useful tip for building a custom feed in his post Channel 9 Events / BUILD2011 RSS Feed Tip, Building your perfect, custom, filtered BUILD RSS feed
  3. My List of Build Windows Sessions
  4. BUILD conference–day 3
  5. Some preliminary notes from //build/ 2011
  6. 完整的coscup演講影片上線了!
  7. The Guide To CSS Animation: Principles and Examples
  8. Windows 8 Preview: A Developer Reflects
  9. Bunny hopping with Kinect and Windows Phone with KinectoPhone (aka Bunnyhop)
  10. Real Native WinRT Development –
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