Getting close~

  1. Introduction To Designing For Windows Phone 7 And Metro
  2. 12 Effective Guidelines For Breadcrumb Usability and SEO
  3. The decline and fall of tech journalism, Flash division
  4. Taking Toddler Steps with Node.js – Express
  5. JavaScript as a First Language
  6. Backbone.js Is Not An MVC Framework
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  1. My thoughts about Build, Windows 8, WinRT, XAML and Silverlight
  2. Create a Detailed User Interface for an iPad Application
  3. The Best Way to Learn JavaScript
  4. How to Create an HTML5 Microdata Powered Resume
  5. Developing WordPress Locally With MAMP
  6. You’re Pricing It Wrong: Software Pricing Demystified
  7. Searchable Dynamic Content With AJAX Crawling
  8. Physics Helper XAML for Metro WinRT
  9. Building an iPad Reader for War of the Worlds
  10. iOS SDK: Using a Slider to Scrub a PDF Reader
  11. iOS SDK: Adding a Table of Contents to an iPad Reader
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stuff part…

  1. The End Of A Saga: Cliff Bleszinski On Gears Of War 3
  2. Why Brainstorming is NOT Game Design
  3. Game Design: Brainstorming, Prototyping, Game Making & Marketing
  4. Pixel Perfect Collision Is Causing Inaccurate Collision With Maze And PacMan
  5. Create a Mail Merge with Gmail and Google Docs
  6. Analyzing Windows 8 and WinRT (Steve Smith)
  7. The Best Way to Learn JavaScript
  8. How SignalR killed RavenMQ
  9. WinRT is your friend
  10. Random notes from //build/ 2011
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good stuff~

  1. WinRT demystified – Miguel de Icaza gives a nice discussion of the WinRT, looking at its origins, the problems it looks to fix, and discusses its use in building components
  2. Download all the Build Videos with RSS – Michael Crump highlights the availability of RSS feeds including the links to the video recordings of //Build Sessions. Greg Duncan also has a useful tip for building a custom feed in his post Channel 9 Events / BUILD2011 RSS Feed Tip, Building your perfect, custom, filtered BUILD RSS feed
  3. My List of Build Windows Sessions
  4. BUILD conference–day 3
  5. Some preliminary notes from //build/ 2011
  6. 完整的coscup演講影片上線了!
  7. The Guide To CSS Animation: Principles and Examples
  8. Windows 8 Preview: A Developer Reflects
  9. Bunny hopping with Kinect and Windows Phone with KinectoPhone (aka Bunnyhop)
  10. Real Native WinRT Development –
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  1. Building an HTML App – Workout Timer – Clock Logic
  2. Colmux – Finding Memory Leaks, High I/O Wait Times, and Hotness on 3000 Node Clusters
  3. Open source Kinect gesture recognition project, Kinect DTW
  4. Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh RC now available for download
  5. What is/are best practice(s) to align an HTML checkbox on a web form?
  6. Python from Scratch: Object Oriented Programming
  7. Best Resources In iOS Development – August 22nd, 2011
  8. Open Source: Framework For In-App Purchases With Just A Few Lines Of Code
  9. Open Source: Sample Project With Precompiled OpenCV 2.3.1
  10. Open Source: Multipurpose Utility Library With Dozens Of Cocoa Touch Helper Classes
  11. Open Source Libraries And Examples For Zip, Rar, and 7-Zip Compression
  12. Tutorials: Building Games Quickly With LevelHelper And SpriteHelper
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  1. It’s a scam!
  2. “But Notch, it’s NOT a scam!”
  3. Open Source: Cocos2D Tile Map Based Game, iPad Text Editor, And Music Synthesizer Apps
  4. Tutorial: Creating 2.5D iOS Games With Unity 3D
  5. Tutorial: How To Get Code Coverage Data In Xcode 4 And Improve Your Testing With It
  6. Example: Tesseract Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Demo With Source
  7. Open Source: Grid View Library For Springboards, Image Collections And More
  8. Open Source: Flipboard Style Transitions And Reader Example For iPad
  9. An Interview With Ray Wenderlich About The Cocos2D Space Game Starter Kit
  10. iOS App Review Sites – 116 Sites That Promote iPhone And iPad Apps
  11. Tutorial: Build A Multiplayer Cocos2D Game That Runs On Your Own Server
  12. Open Source: Library For Easier Gesture Recognizers, Scrolling Views, And TableViews In Cocos2D
  13. Best Resources In iOS Development – August 8th, 2011
  14. Corona SDK: Create a Memory Match Game
  15. iOS Quick Tip: Adding App Store Stars with iRate
  16. Building a Jabber Client for iOS: Server Setup
  17. The customer is always right?
  18. Running Visual Studio (and Resharper) on a Mac
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its been a while…

  1. How to get hired by an indie game developer – by Robert Boyd
  2. HTML5 Part 2: Canvas (Jennifer Marsman)
  3. 31 Days with WP7 – A Collection of Windows Phone 7 (Mango) Tutorials You Must Read (Kunal Chowdhury)
  4. Understanding Why Complex Multiplication Works
  5. OSX Lion Filevault v2 – Dictionary Attack
  6. Should Designers Start from Design School?
  7. Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Refresh Available
  8. Utilizing The Power Of Recycling In Web Design
  9. Coding4Fun Kinect Turret
  10. Getting Started with Kinect, Setup, Depth, Player Index
  11. The Case of the Hung Game Launcher
  12. An even easier way to get Windows Media Player to single-step a
  13. Why can you set each monitor to a different color depth?
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