1. How do I find the original name of a hard link?
  2. Scott’s Wonderful Twitter Favorites – Link Roundup 2
  3. Gestures and Tools for Kinect and matching Toolkit too
  4. Kinect Controlled Quadrotor
  5. Multiplayer Platforming with Mango flavored TCP and UDP
  6. Getting started with the .Net Micro Framework, hardware and, oh, robots…
  7. Techniques, Tools and Design Strategies
  8. New Initiative: Nettuts+ Apps
  9. 38 “Call to Action” Button Templates That Really Stand Out
  10. Tutorial: Objective-C Blocks (Closures) For Beginners
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Web Dev/iPhone/Kinect/Unity3D/Game Dev/JS/and more…

  1. The Guide to Creating Quality Technical Screencasts
  2. Random Khan Exercises
  3. Weekly roundup: Uncle Bob’s inspiration
  4. Create a Photo Stack Effect with Pure CSS Animations or MooTools
  5. Display Kinect color image containing only players
  6. Create An HTML/CSS Mobile Web App Using Sencha Touch
  7. How to Build a Shortlink App with Ruby and Redis
  8. How to Create a jQuery Image Cropping Plugin from Scratch – Part I
  9. Useful Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel Templates
  10. Lightning fast! Performance tips for using Google APIs
  11. Comex Posts JailbreakMe 3.0 Source Code On GitHub Page
  12. Beginners’ Unity3D and Game Design
  13. Confusion with Threaded binary tree
  14. Which algorithm to use to get longest string matching in two big arrays?
  15. How to quickly create physics levels for your game
  16. Corona SDK: Develop a Frenzic-like Game – Application Setup
  17. Best Resources In iOS Development – July 18th 2011
  18. Tutorial: iOS Map Kit For Beginners Guide
  19. Open Source: iCade Library For Easy Integration In iOS Games
  20. Tutorial: Using And Building OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) On iOS Devices
  21. Back To Basics – Getting Set Up For iOS Development
  22. Adding block callbacks to the Facebook iOS SDK
  23. Load and Access Custom Fonts
  24. Tame.JS: Flow-control by the makers of (
  25. Things you should know when interviewing for a programming job (
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bunch of stuff

  1. A Look At UI Design Part 1: A Quick Examination.
  2. What is that horrible grinding noise coming from my floppy disk drive?
  3. Mapping the Memory Usage of .NET Applications: Part 1, Windows Memory Recap
  4. Learning To Use The :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS
  5. Design Thinking and Degrees of Wireframing
  6. Implementing Hofstadter-Conway alogorithm without raw recursion
  7. Tutorial: Calculator App Style Glossy Buttons With Core Graphics
  8. You Weren’t Meant to Have a Boss (
  9. The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should now (
  10. The Hacker Matrix (
  11. Design patterns explained in Javascript (
  12. The End of the Engineer (
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for tomorrow~

  1. (Almost) Everything You Read About Threading Is Wrong, ashodnakashian
  2. Java Secret: Using an enum to build a State machine, Java Code Geeks
  3. Scripting vs. Coding vs. Programming, Nael El Shawwa
  4. History of Stuxnet
  5. Complex filtering in isotope.js
  6. Windows has supported multiple UI languages for over a decade, but nobody knew it
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Mostly iPhone Dev/Animation

  1. AI: Playing Score4 in functional and imperative style (C++,OCaml,F#,C#) (
  2. UIViewAnimationState
  3. Thrust is a CUDA library of parallel algorithms
  4. iPhone dev — performSelector:withObject:afterDelay or NSTimer?
  5. Game Developer Debuts Free 2011 Game Career Guide Issue
  6. The Procrastinating Caveman: What Human Evolution Teaches Us About Why We Put Off Work and How to Stop
  7. Dissecting The Postmortem: Lessons Learned From Two Years Of Game Development Self-Reportage
  8. Easing Equations
  9. XNA MathHelper.SmoothStep? How does it work?
  10. “Ease in” and “Ease Out” algorithms
  11. How to make a blinking (or flashing) cursor on iphone?
  12. XNA Series – Basic AI
  13. CS101 Code In The Browser
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iPhone dev/Web dev/Design/and more…

  1. Corona SDK: Creating a Scrolling Background
  2. Tutorial: Format Text Magazine Style Using Core Text
  3. MongoDB is the New MySQL (
  4. Why Mark Zuckerberg’s First Public Response To Google+ Is The Right One (
  5. Fetch twitpics using Gearman and PHP
  6. What is Node.js? – Node isn’t always the solution, but it does solve some important problems. (Brett McLaughlin)
  7. Useful Wireframing and Prototyping Tools – Roundup
  8. Learn jQuery & JavaScript for Free with Screencasts & Lessons
  9. Getting Good With JavaScript: New Rockable Book (Plus a Free Sample!)
  10. StartMenu / Candescent NUI
  11. 11 Common Web Use Cases Solved in Redis
  12. Deferred Rendering – Rendering models with individual effects
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  1. Everything you need to know about Windows Phone “Mango” Tools, Training Kit and Developer Phone Images
  2. 8 software tools we wouldn’t be without…
  3. Visualising Superuser
  4. divide an array into two sets with minimal difference
  5. iOS SDK: Working with URL Schemes
  6. Using Font Macros for Consistency
  7. what is the standard solution to pathfinding towards a moving target?
  8. Super Mario Bros. 3 Level Design Lessons, Part 3
  9. Dev Juice: How do I autocomplete in Xcode 4?
  10. Review: Microsoft N Layer App Sample, Part V–Cross Cutting is a fine line
  11. Taking Baby Steps with Node.js – Don’t Block The Event Loop
  12. The Post-PC era will be a multi-platform era
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