bunch of stuff

  1. A Look At UI Design Part 1: A Quick Examination.
  2. What is that horrible grinding noise coming from my floppy disk drive?
  3. Mapping the Memory Usage of .NET Applications: Part 1, Windows Memory Recap
  4. Learning To Use The :before And :after Pseudo-Elements In CSS
  5. Design Thinking and Degrees of Wireframing
  6. Implementing Hofstadter-Conway alogorithm without raw recursion
  7. Tutorial: Calculator App Style Glossy Buttons With Core Graphics
  8. You Weren’t Meant to Have a Boss (paulgraham.com)
  9. The top 9+7 things every programmer or architect should now (javacodegeeks.com)
  10. The Hacker Matrix (ieee.org)
  11. Design patterns explained in Javascript (addyosmani.com)
  12. The End of the Engineer (forbes.com)
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