Mostly iPhone Dev/Animation

  1. AI: Playing Score4 in functional and imperative style (C++,OCaml,F#,C#) (
  2. UIViewAnimationState
  3. Thrust is a CUDA library of parallel algorithms
  4. iPhone dev — performSelector:withObject:afterDelay or NSTimer?
  5. Game Developer Debuts Free 2011 Game Career Guide Issue
  6. The Procrastinating Caveman: What Human Evolution Teaches Us About Why We Put Off Work and How to Stop
  7. Dissecting The Postmortem: Lessons Learned From Two Years Of Game Development Self-Reportage
  8. Easing Equations
  9. XNA MathHelper.SmoothStep? How does it work?
  10. “Ease in” and “Ease Out” algorithms
  11. How to make a blinking (or flashing) cursor on iphone?
  12. XNA Series – Basic AI
  13. CS101 Code In The Browser
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