1. Everything you need to know about Windows Phone “Mango” Tools, Training Kit and Developer Phone Images
  2. 8 software tools we wouldn’t be without…
  3. Visualising Superuser
  4. divide an array into two sets with minimal difference
  5. iOS SDK: Working with URL Schemes
  6. Using Font Macros for Consistency
  7. what is the standard solution to pathfinding towards a moving target?
  8. Super Mario Bros. 3 Level Design Lessons, Part 3
  9. Dev Juice: How do I autocomplete in Xcode 4?
  10. Review: Microsoft N Layer App Sample, Part V–Cross Cutting is a fine line
  11. Taking Baby Steps with Node.js – Don’t Block The Event Loop
  12. The Post-PC era will be a multi-platform era
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