Kinect SDK/iphone dev/web dev/algorithm/.net/and more…

  1. 2D Skeletal Animations
  2. My Fear of Middleware
  3. iOS 5 finally brings Nitro JavaScript speed to home screen Web apps
  4. 5 great apps that should get even better in iOS 5
  5. Holy Shit! IBM Is 100 Years Old [Ibm]
  6. 經典遊戲線上玩:自創小精靈關卡、Game & Watch主機重生
  7. UDP broadcasting for LAN computer discovery & server setup
  8. Efficient way of getting all possible paths + special detail
  9. Aggregating object values of JavaScript arrays?
  10. Comparing the distance between arrays?
  11. Comparison Of iOS Crash Report Managers
  12. Open Source: Library For An Easy To Implement Copyable UITableViewCell
  13. JavaScript mp3 decoder allows Firefox to play mp3 without flash (
  14. The Toughest Companies for Job Interviews (
  15. High school grad builds 8-bit computer from scratch (
  16. Tutorial: Self Navigating Game Actors In The Corona SDK
  17. C#/.NET Fundamentals: Choosing the Right Collection Class, James Michael Hare
  18. Canvas from Scratch: Pixel Manipulation
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