lots of links

  1. How to calculate turn heading to a missile?
  2. OpenGL ES: Part 1
  3. Integrate cocos2d and UIKit
  4. The magic of tile maps
  5. Best Resources In iOS Development – June 13th 2011
  6. Tutorial: Developing A Music Creation App
  7. How To Write Better Game Descriptions For More Downloads
  8. StackOverflow Data Illustrates Why I Prefer Hiring Experienced Developers (scottporad.com)
  9. Practical SOILD in Visual Studio – One example Solution (Greg Duncan)
  10. Concurrent Programming Without Locks [pdf], Keir Fraser and Tim Harris
  11. Node.js Step by Step: Blogging Application
  12. Wait, isn’t that MP3, THAT MP3? Fingerprinting your music/audio…
  13. 101 Questions to Ask When Considering a NoSQL Database
  14. I’m considering switching back to iOS. Here’s why.
  15. Windows Phone Mango Local Database: mapping and database operations
  16. XNA: Game Development – Creating Player Animation
  17. Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup
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