Wii U~~~~~~~~~~~

  1. How to generate projectiles with the direction of the mouse pointer
  2. What is the difference between running in VS 2010 and running a builded EXE?
  3. The Wii U, Nintendo’s next console (video)
  4. Everything We Know About Nintendo’s Brand New Console, Wii U
  5. Seven Different Ways to Play the Wii U [Play It Your Way]
  6. The mother of all PlayStation Vita trailer posts
  7. Nintendo Wii U announced, coming in 2012 (updated with pictures, video, and specs)
  8. trie or balanced binary search tree to store dictionary?
  9. How is wordweb english dictionary implemented?
  10. Console2 – A Better Windows Command Prompt (Scott Hanselman)
  11. Build a Neat HTML5 Powered Contact Form
  12. Rx:SSSsssss… (That’s the sound of Reactive Extensions, Windows Phone 7 and a Snake…)
  13. Windows Phone App and Gaming Bootcamp Recordings
  14. 7 tips and tools for Windows Phone 7 developers
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