The Agile Webinar I attended this morning

pretty cool

my view on agile

  • i think the main reason we do agile is to counter future changes and uncertainties, rarely we would stick to the spec for the entire development cycles, there will always be changes introduced constantly during the developing cycles, and agile would allow us, the developers to adapt those changes easily(?).
  • I did not see anything in agile that directly attribute in writing awesome software. I think that good engineering and programming/designing methodologies (TDD/DDD, SOLID, and design principles such as separate of concerns,MVC, etc), good practices(continuous integrations, annual design review, etc), architectures that make sense and use the proper technology frameworks, and having a reasonable and realistic view on the feature and capabilities of the app are still the keys in writing good software.
  • but what do i know, i am still a green horn with less than 2 yrs of professional software developing experience.

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