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To future me:
try your best to read the following, hopefully you will find something useful and interesting:


So i finally finished my moving to the new apartment, I had to deal with shady moving business, and there are things which i wished i had known earlier:

  • I asked for two movers with hourly rate of $67 for three hours, but three came instead. the main guy bs me with excuse that i had too much stuff so three guys was necessary.(but in fact they finished the job in less than 2 hrs). I asked one of the mover and he said this was their second job of the day and the job before required 3 movers so they all came to do my job afterward.
  • I would say asking for morning shift or as early as possible would probably be better (mine was scheduled @ 12-4pm)
  • the main guy(i guess the one that’s doing all the talking and stuff) was trying to bs me with all the extra cost such as packing material, and fuel cost, which i specifically asked and ensured they would all be free prior the scheduling the move.
  • Its like there are two party of people working in the moving company, the reception desk ppl which is responsible for scheduling job with low rate and well defined contract. And the other party is the mover ppl who actually DO the job and COLLECTING PAYMENT, and then things started to getting gray/shady from there.
  • the movers were trying very hard to persuade me in paying in cash(instead of credit card), to the extend of lowering the price by 50%
  • the movers also tried very hard to persuade that i would not calling the company and file complains
  • total cost came to about 338 , which is about 100 more than i anticipated, but still within my original budget.
  • one of the main reason i decided to go for mover is because of the queen size bed and also I injured my back(bad timing…). I guess the next time when i need to move I’ll just rent a van and do everything myself (after seeing how the mover disassembled the bed and the guy said its not very hard), which i could save a lot of money (ikea delivery + mover cost)
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