Really interesting read: The Security Implications Of Google Native Client

After reading this blog post, i guess i am still quite don’t understand how code execute at low level

  • After playing with ActiveX control for Risklink new chart control, i know ActiveX is magical, and it is able to do things that seem way beyond what AJAX, flash, silverlight can do. But i never understand how it is able to do it, and this blog post actually helped me understand a little bit of it( even though this blog post is about something else)
  • ActiveX control is able to execute in such fashion that it is same as delivering as native x86 instructions. Again, i kinda get it and kinda dont.
  • How java works, sandbox, bytecode,
  • x86 instructions, i should actually try understand it, like what does execve
  • verify an x86 program, and verifier? how does it work, sounds so interesting
  • note to self: please figure it out sometime in the future. Even though with all the managed programming environment, i think it is essential to understand how program actually run at lower level.
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