How To Create An Animated ScrollViewer (or ListBox) in WPF

ahhhh.. good find!~

How To Create An Animated ScrollViewer (or ListBox) in WPF

others from Designer WPF

  • AutoScroller For Silverlight 2 ScrollViewer – Working on my own scrolling issues… there seem to be alot of them, but the more I dig into the control, the more I understand why.
  • How to set the row height of a Grid in the code – Valuable if you’re creating grids on the fly… which you shouldn’t have to do, but sometimes the UserControls aren’t working the way you want and the client deadline is approaching and you’re beginning to panic and a some solution is better than no solution…
  • Simple Perspective 3D in Silverlight 3 | Corey Schuman – Corey Shuman at has a really basic perspective 3D sample for Silverlight 3… nothing fancy, but it has code
  • Silverlight Toolkit Control – TimePicker – Jesse Liberty – Jesse Liberty walks through the Silverlight TimePicker from the Toolkit… this is also a good tutorial on just getting the Toolkit working on one’s machine
  • Notes On Video: Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in Silverlight – Edward Tanguay’s notes on Tim Heuer’s talk on MVVM in Silverlight
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