Unread: past few days

  • Orchestrating Animated Transitions between View and ViewModel
  • Announcing WPF TestAPI 0.2 release
  • The Test API is a library with utilities for testing WPF and Windows Forms applications. 

    In their 0.2 release, the library includes APIs to simulate input and do visual verification; it also includes handy utilities that can be used for tasks beyond testing, like a command line parsing ,  and APIs to drive the WPF dispatcher.
    The library is not VSTS specific; in their 0.2 releases they added nUnit and xUnit samples.

  • What kind of uncle am I?
    ”Your Nth cousin K times removed is the Nth cousin of your Kth direct ancestor, where K = 1 is your parent, K = 2 is your grandparent, etc. For example, your father’s second cousin is your second cousin once removed.”

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