Debugging .NET: Visualize .NET GC Heap and Memory usage

from If broken it is, fix it you should

quote from the site:

  • This sample tool will give you a visual overview of the virtual memory space (from a memory dump), show you where your allocations exist and what types of allocations you have.   For example in the screenshot below you can see that at the beginning of the memory space we have a lot of virtual allocations (dark green – committed, light green – reserved), then we have a lot of free space (white) and towards the end of the memory space we can see our dlls scattered out (dark red).

    In the bottom screen we can see our GC (.NET) Heaps.  In other words, most of the virtual allocations we see in the top screen are really GC Heaps. One little caveat is that for the GC heaps it doesn’t show what is reserved for the GC heaps, only what is committed, i.e. what we actually use.

    Show me the memory: Tool for visualizing virtual memory usage and GC heap usage.

And also:

.NET Hang: Analyzing Debug Diag output

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