WPF LOB training @ LA 4/24/09 and 4/25/09

Speakers: Karl Shifflett and Jaime Rodriguez

Day 1:

so we arrived around 9:40 am, the conference room is actually pretty good with around 20 rows of chairs (each row has like 20ish chairs)

so the training starts with .net 4.0, new features in visual studio 2010, and also the upcoming Expression Blend 3.0.

looks like Karl is in VS 2010 team and Jaime is in Express blend team.

the rest of the talks about

  • WPF Architecture
  • Application class
  • Brushes, Shapes, Visual,media, windows Imaging components
  • InteropBitmap
  • WriteableBitmap
  • D3DImage
  • HLSL
  • trees: Logical and visual tree
  • Content (dependency properties)
  • Events (routed events, routedeventargs, bubbling and tunneling)
  • Resources(resources, styles, dictionaries, content, embedded resources)
  • Threading (DispatcherObject)
  • Controls, Templates, and Styles (Visual, UIElement, FrameworkElement, Controls)
  • Styles
  • Templates

I shouldve taken some pic with my new cell(Toshiba g810)

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