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  • Visual Studio debugger related attributes cheat sheet
    There are some debugger-oriented attributes in .Net, however 70% of developers not even know that they exist and 95% of them has no idea what they doing and how to use it. Today we’ll try to lid light on what those attributes doing and how to achieve the best of using it.
  • How to calculate CRC in C#?
    CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check is an algorithm, which is widely used in different communication protocols, packing and packaging algorithms for assure robustness of data. The idea behind it is simple – calculate unique checksum (frame check sequence) for each data frame, based on it’s content and stick it at the end of each meaningful message. Once data received it’s possible to perform the same calculating and compare results – if results are similar, message is ok.
  • Ignore whitespace in TFS compare
  • Client or the Cloud?

    Whilst the browser is great for some types of apps like collaboration, sharing, broadcasting it’s far from perfect.  The number one problem is speed.  A browser is slow.  Why do you think Google have been trying so hard to speed up their JavaScript engine? No matter how much tweaking they do they’ll always be slower though.  Client apps, i.e. ones that can harness the power of the device they are running on are much quicker, have richer experiences and can do things the browser simply can’t, utilize multi-core for example.

  • WPF: Simple 3D
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