Sessions: .NET 4.0: Declarative Programming Using XAML

Sate of xaml in 2008
xaml vocabularies
-UI: collaboration of designer and developer
workflow: declarative coordination of work
-electronic paper: xml paper specifications)xps)

runtimes: .net 3.0 & 3.5; silverlight 1 &2

tools: vs 2008(wpf + wf designer + xaml editor) , expression blend

xaml specifications published
[ms-saml][ms-wpfxv][ms-slxv] and xps
fil converters: bender, fire works, lightwave, flash svg, visio maya 3ds illustrator, wmf

Still much to do!
-need language evolution
-make easier
-fundamentals of xaml/baml need continued investment
-compilation debugging, obfuscation, localization, FxCop, Vs integration and more
– should everybody write their own parser
-model more domains

XAML in .net 4.0 XAML 2009

-green color : object
-orange : properties
DOM box-> real time error detection

xaml date mode: o-m-v
root object
objects have member
members contain objects and/or values
some objects hare collections
collections have a property to hold their items
objects are instances of xmal type

System.xaml.dll in .NET 4.0
xaml to objects, objects to xmal
System.xaml November 2008 CTP

Demo: Xaml Reader
modified xaml pad to add textual dom function
write your own xaml dom parser

Dmo: reading xaml, writing objects

What is a xaml document
-anything that represent a series of xaml nodes.
Red- file format
yellow – objects, in memory
File Converter


Demo: all in xaml, no code, a stock buying advice program.

Xaml is like a blue print, xaml is like a declarative model

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