Summary: Day 1 to Day 3

Day One:

Key Note:
PDC2008 Day 1: Key Note
-Cloud Computing
-Microsoft Windows Azure

Session: Under the Hood: Advances In The .NET Type System
-New CLR features, partial static linking(I think)

Session: Microsoft Visual Studio: Bringing Out The Best In Multicore Systems
-parallel processing application development
-evaluate when and where to develop parallel codes

Session: Microsoft Expression Blend Tips and Tricks
-upcoming features in Microsoft Expression Blend version
-cool tips and tricks in using expression blend
-useful links and resources online

Session: Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework: sharing skills and code
-differences between WPF and Silverlight and when to use them
-general design principle in development of WPF and Silverlight

Session: Agile Development with Microsoft Visual Studio
-tools that help adopting and running successful agile development
-cast study: how MSFT visual studio development team use agile development.

Day Two:

Key Note:
PDC2008 Day 2: Key Note
-PC    Phone    Web
-Windows 7
-WPF and Silverlight technology showcase
-Office 14 and Web-base Office 14
PDC2008 Day 2: Second Key Note
-live coding demo on programming in Azure

Session: Coding4fun in WPF Animation, Youtube, iTunes, Twitters, and Nintendo Wiimote
-cool demo in application using WPF to do cool things!
-useful resources and links

Session: UAC And Standard User In Windows 7
-security: design your application to run in User Mode.
-3 proper ways of elevate to privilege mode when needed.
-reduce attack area, watch out for privilege mode GUI security hole.

Session: Windows 7: Integrate With the Windows 7 Desktop
-utilize your application to new windows 7 UI features.

Session: Writing Your Application to Shine on Modern Graphics Hardware DirectX for mainstream applications
-DirextX, Direct2D and DirectWrite
-demo showcase

Day Three:

Key Note:
PDC2008 Day 3: Key Note
-Microsoft Research
-Sensor Map
-WorldWide Telescope

Session: Parallel Programming for Managed Developers with Visual Studio 2010
-how to use VS 2010 parallel framework to transform your code into multi-threaded, scalable code.
-tasks namespace, future namespace
-Parallel LINQ

Session: Microsoft XNA Game Studio: An overview
-prototype your first managed C# DirectX game in XNA studio in three platform: PC, Xbox360, Zune

Session: Microsoft SQL Server 2008: New and Future T-SQL Programmability
-new DATE and TIME types
-new keyword: MERGE
-new Table type
-new collation

Session: What’s new with user32 and conctl32 in win32
-how to using existing user32, win32 and conctl32 API to do cool effects UI effects.

Session: Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon
-how to incorporate ribbon controls into your existing application

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