Session: Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon

Ribbon build-in and available for windows 7 development framework

Paint Ribbon

Should i use a ribbon?
important: what type of applications am i?
some great advantages:
-rich ways to present your features
enhances command discoverability
excellent user reviews/intuitive and easy to learn
-look slick- a chance to revitalize your application

-its all depend on what type of application you are developing!

windows scenic ribbon
key platform goals
-challenging to author windows UI in Win32
-following guidelines takes effort
goal1: provide a great authoring story
goal2: drive toward a consistent user experience

Demo: hello Ribbon
modify an existing basic text editor to have ribbon controls!
Ribbon content is control by xaml. the windows 7 SDK will have tools to compile xaml into native binary code.!
send message to xaml, let xaml do event handling when clicking stuff in ribbon.

programming model
behaviors are abstracted form specific controls
visual style automatically chosen based on location
consistency and basics handled by platform
play for play

-the speakers talks about the composition of ribbon’s markup xaml

-the speaker’s french accent is pretty heavy,

Last Words:
windows Scenic Ribbon
-not much work to rework your application to adapt ribbon(speaker’s word)
-programming model consistency, authoring path
ribbon also available with mfc and wpf
is the ribbon for you? you decide, but probably yeah
hands-on lab at PDC

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