Session: Microsoft XNA Game Studio: An overview

Speaker: developer of wing commander, veteran game programmers. original developer of xbox, xbox360 and Microsoft xna

What is xna game studios
-enable aspiring game developers anybody
-make writing games significantly easier
-provide educational solutions using the xbox 360

Demo: games
-new xbox dash demo
-many student-develop games

Xbox360 3 powerpc cpu with 2 hyper thread each.
-c# is sufficient for developing games.

XNA game studio
platform: windows, xbox, zune
Xna framework–application model–>things that you don’t need to worry about.
content pipeline–> actually build that content for you, like standardize import process, multimedia, movie, 2d graphics
graphics—audio-math–input—networking(multi-player)–gamer service
xna game studio–> visual studio 2008, content pipeline extension->build the game–>device management->connecting to xbox, zune

game flow
game->load content->(update <-> draw)->upload content-> end

Demo: Create a game
-start a xna project in vs2008 (run->its tart to build content
-many templates
spritebach->use to draw 2d stuff on screen
content->where the game resource lives
many functions: update()
– add a content, a planet model
add a model variable called planetmodel
planetmodel   =  ontent.loadmodel("path");
transform model from its local space, to your game world space
next step is to project the model.
create draw model function
call the dawmodel function in draw function

Camera ->make thing in the game word make sense to you(the player) normalize things.
orbitcamera: camera
build in shader in xna framework
add rock class to the demo, properties such as position, velocity
calculate elapsed time
collision detection is built in xna

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