PDC2008 Day 3: Key Note

Microsoft Research Video
Speaker: VP of MSFT Research Rick Rashid

-talks about his work in field of computer operating system
-msft research founded in 1990s – basic research organization
not just about Microsoft, its about advancement of technology.

-good idea to products in a fast and efficient way.

-840 Ph.D researchers

-some of the most distinguished researchers in msft researcher

-one of the top research center in field of computer sciences

-published more than 4k papers in total.

-strong relationship with universities and research communities.

-many msft products were coming from msft research
-msr generates roughly 25% of the company;.s patents and generally msr patents are more fundamental
-ability to bring smart people to bear rapidly on hard problems confronting products, product groups or the company
-ears to the ground in new areas across a broad range of technologies.

basic research group allows a company like Microsoft to respond more rapidly to change

research provides a reservoir of technology, expertise and people that can be quickly brought to bear.

Future area of research
Provable systems

software model checking
input-c source "as is"
api rules written in SLIC language
–transfer a program into a binary program and prove the thing you are trying to find out.
using prove to test the legitimacy of the code.
-we can prove the point of termination(halt) of a large software project.

research in software engineering
-code contracts
pex – tool for analyzing what should be test in a program
church’s thesis proven by one of msr researcher.

Service transformation:
-msr : research in how are we going to program in cloud computing
-DryadLinq, query engine can be run on thousands of processors.

CS Resarch challenge
software engineering and system design
energy and the environment
natural interaction with the PC

speaker; Feng zhao principal searcher Microsoft research.

-computers used about 1.5% of total power consumption in US
Energy Efficient Computing
Sensor device from MSR that measures power consumption, temperature, humidity, and lots of other thing.

Demo: implementing the sensor in real world.
see the video.
-array of sensors- mesh network, passing information from one device to another, servers mode manage the information and a central server mesh all the results.
all the sensors produces about 100mb of data per day.
-sensors improve energy efficient of Microsoft data center.

Data Center Genome project
saving energy and improving operation efficiency by networked sensing, data mining and control.

Sensing in the wild
Swiss Alps
each dot represent type of deployment.

-sensors platform that use cloud services for sharing data with other researchers.
enable sharing od deployed instrumentation and data for communities of scientists and hobbyists
-share sensors

Demo Sensor map:

tiny sensors, big impact
(end of sensor technology section)

computer allows rapid genome decode
personalized medicine
graphical model compiler.
MSR on HIV virus research
creating and sharing tools that accelerate scientific discoveries in many areas

technology for education: ConfereceXp platform.
center for personal robotics in education
-world wide telescope(combine all the telescope in the world in one place)

Demo: Boku
lightweight programming for kids
-concurrent rule evaluations


Demo:secondlight interaction beyond the surface
-changing the transparency of a surface by applying voltage.
-display another set of images on top of surface.

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