Session: Writing Your Application to Shine on Modern Graphics Hardware DirectX for mainstream applications

where is graphics hardware headed

how does win7 adapt to hardware changes

the expanding role of DirectX in windows 7

addressing new graphics scenarios and fundamentals in windows 7 timeframe

GPU today:
array of SIMD ALUS
increasing parallelism
large gap between low end and high end graphics cards.

Windows 7’s usage of the gpu
continues from windows vista
media center UI
video playback
desktop windows manager

windows 7 DWM uses direct3d 10.1 API
scales in performance all the way from low end integrated to high end GPUS
shaders are used for blurs in the glass
windows 7 cuts memory consumption is cut by 50% power window
more and richer animations in thumbnail.

High DPI displays are Common
-improvements in windows UI & IE
-look nice in all DPI
-automatic configuration in OOBE(adjust windows for high DPI)
-promotion the control panel UI for DPI

High Color
-better color range is enabled by technology advancement.
-wider gamut
-higher precision
-higher dynamic range
Windows 7 provides:
-color calibration tool
-gamma LUT loader

when to use which API
GDI: when the application needs to work on all Microsoft OS and the lowest common dominator

DirectX evolution
-dx9 introduced floating point shaders
-HLSL to program shaders

DX10 was designed for more than games
clean API to minimize API overhead
consistent implementation across H/W – no caps
refactored infrastructure API: DXGI

DirectX ==  high performance graphics

Third party Demo : 3DLive

fun fact: the speaker’s laptop is a Dell XPS.

Introduce : Direct2D, DirectWrite to replace GDI

Properties of DirectX API primary focus large scale win32 application developers with existing codebases

designed around needs of windows UI, Internet explorer Microsoft office

side-by side components: can mix-n-match
interface based API w/c/c++
hardware accelerated
immediate mode rendering
interops with older win32 APIs
available on windows vista

direct3d10.1 is the foundation
always available:
d3d10L9 for dx9 HW
full simulation when there is no HW
fully remote via primitives and bitmaps
support GDI compatible color channel ordering
direct3d 10 H/W is a premium logo requirement

Direct3d 11: increasing GPU utility
strict superset of direct3d10
runs on direct3d 9,10, and 11 HW
new graphics features
improved multi-threading support
subroutine support in shaders
compute shader enables non-graphics usages(GPGPU)
integrated with graphics for imaging usage
program with familiar HI.HL and D3D resource model

Classes: pc03: unlocking the gpu with direct3d

Direct2D: new in windows 7
rendering focused immediate mode API:
2D Vectors & Geometry, Bitmaps, and Text
hardware and software pipelines
built for performance on direct3d 10.1
interoperable with direct3d and GDI
high quality rendering
remote via direct3d 10.1
printing support via xps

DirectWrite: new in windows 7
modern typography
enables world-wide applications
cleartype advances
works with any rendering technology
hardware accelerated via direct2D

API interop
all DirectX APIs interops wit each other
DirectX APIs interop with GDI
interop between and GDI is high performance in win7
directly blittering to front buffer GDI can cause unpredictable results
getDC is the preferred way.

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