Session: Windows 7: Integrate With the Windows 7 Desktop

-grouping in taskbar, how it is done
-common command in your application

Jump list
-mini start up list for your application
known categories-> maintain by OS
pinned category-> complete control by user

jump list contents are customizable
destinations are shown via:
-known categories
-custom categories
users task reside in the built-in tasks category
-tasks aren’t pinnable or removable by the user
user tasks and testinations are either ishellitems or ishelllinks
-typically, user tasks are ishelllinks and destinations are ishellitems

Demo: Customize a jump list
vs2008 on windows 7
-plain wpf application
-currently shell is still in native API
step 1. destination list for jump list

IcustomDestinationList cdl  = …..
cdl.BeginList(out maxSlots, DestopIntegration.IID….
IObjectCollection oc = …..
cld.AddUserTasks(DestopIntegration.CreateUserTask("task 1",….)
….//add more tasks to shell link

Application Identity
-how does the system identify which task to add to which application
-"Application User Model ID" is the basis of this unification
-short for AppID
every group on the taskbar and pinned/frequent shortcut in the start menu has a unique ID

Demo: setting an AppID

Thumbnail Toolbars
-specific to the window that they are attached to.

Demo: setting an thumbnail tookbar

Overlay Icons
Progress Bars
HRESULT setprogressState(….)
HREsult setprogressValue(….)
Demo overlay icons and progress bars

Custom Switchers
TDI/MDI Child Windows
exposing custom switchers
-quicklaunch is deprecated(still there for compatibility) Replaced by Deskband

New MFC!! native code UI ftw

Demo: windows 7 WPF support

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