PDC2008 Day 2: Key Note

Ray ozzie taks about PC, interactive applications, user-centric destlop applications and web applications.

the internet has become a common meeting place, a common gateway in our life.

phone software, one of the advantage of phone software that it is always near you, as you would always carry your phone.

–                       PC Phone Web     


Future windows will be able to serve PC, phone, and web equally well. windows app are more seamlessly behave like appliance.


PC: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Internet : IE8, Silverlight 2, web apps

Windows Y : speaker Steven Sinofksy

– demo on Windows 7:
1. new task bar

2. better management in multi-window
3.faster in launching application, less click
4. optimize for multi-monitor
5. new feature : libraries [seems like a container for organizing stuff]
6.better home network management and configuraton, dont need to use workgroup.
7. neat way to share music between PCs[windows exploere, media player, media center]
8. new feature: Device Stage

9. better desktop scheme, easier to personalize your desktop
10.!!! you can manage the icons in notification area. Yes!
11.Multi-touch support, gesture control.

12. Ribbons UI in windows 7(paint, notepad).
13 Mapping touch gesture to mouse action, so app that does not support multi-touch can be control by touch gesture as well.

-easier to transit from vista to windows 7, compare with xp to vista
-ecosystem is there, vista
-UAC System–> lesson learned(we’ve gone too far). But now programming in user mode is widely spread(thanks to UAC).
-domain computer can now join home network without worrying about security setting.

third-party demo: AutoDesk

-improvement in windows 7
-reduce Disk I/O, memory usage, power

-increase: faster boot, better responsiveness, and better hardware scale.


Demo: windows 7 development environment
-netbook is enough to run windows 7
-bit lock encryption on memory stick.(enterprise environment)
-natively create VHD!!!
-boot windows 7 VHD natively (by using boot manager)!!!
-better high DPI scaling, support, managing multiple monitors
-better zoom capability in windows 7
-Windows key +P -> change windows display output, great for hooking up to projector and another video output source.
-call to action to developers:

Speaker : Scott Guthrie Developing for windows 7
-.NET 3.5 sp1 will be built into windows 7, anything written using .net 3.5 sp1 will also work on windows 7

-ribbon control will be available!
-jump list-> conceptualize task to your taskbar
-new WPF toolkit : bunch new datagrid, calendar, visual state manager, other controls, wpf ribbon control
upcoming .net 4
-wpf improvements : multi-touch, deep zoom, visual state manager
-fundamentals and interoperability, In-process side by side support
-WPF integration in VS 2010
-vs extension, visualizer, embed bug info within code base.


thirdparty demo on utilizing wpf
Grocery shopping software built on WPF technology.

-download jquery from microsoft for vs2008
-web development with ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010
-SilverLight 2, used by NBC Olympics online video website

-silverlight running outside web browser.

Speaker:                  on Azure Service Platform

Third Party demo : BBC iPlayer
share video on mesh network with friends


Speaker :                              on office development.
Office 14–> office web application
Ability to edit same document in both office 14 desktop application and office 14 web application in web browser.
-office 14 enable dynamic collaboration between PC Web and Phone.
-Browser mode office 14, UI experience is mostly same as desktop counterpart.


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