Session: Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework: sharing skills and code

WPF runtime machine is compiled in native code, so essentially it is faster than siliverlight. But silverlight is cross-platform.

High-level Goals -building rich applications.

.NET framework is the best desktop app platform.

silverlight is the best RIA platform.

silverlight is smaller-lighter; easier to deploy

Silverlight to full .net is easier than full .net to silverlight

Demo: twitter demo
create a twitter client demo in WPF and silverlight
live coding demonstration.

copy xaml from a wpf application to a silverlight project and the code would run and compile.

Silverlight is kind of subset of WPF.

WPF code to silverlight ->mostly yes.
silverlight code to WPF ->probably not.

Silverlight is still running in browser(so it is running in sandbox). WPF is full fledge .NET application.


WPF default style is OS-dependent.
silverlight cross platform scheme, fairly generic.

VSM(currently only in silverlight, will be added to wpf in future):
define "state" of a UI control(like a button). State like "button pressed", "mouse hover". then it trigger a animation, and other UI effects.

VSM support for WPF can be done by add-ons in code-plex.


– at very high level wpf and silverlight are designed to be compatible, to reach 100% compatibility between WPF and Silverlight is still an on-going process.

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