Session: Microsoft Expression Blend Tips and Tricks


Developer-designer collaboration is a real problem.

collaboration methods between designers and developers are broken

better UX impacts everybody


Expression Blend 2  service pack 2 source project is actually being opened by blend 2 expression itself. (So Microsoft is using Blend to create future blend version/service pack )

Fun facts :Blend project(lines of code);
300k C#
80k XAML

-resource dictionary(key feature)

– wpf and silverlight: is silverlight replacing WPF?

-error handling in blend: when you see errors in opening projects in blend, use visual studio debug.

-ctrl-0(zero) for zoom.

-visual state manager: animation, timeline. : very good website about blend/wpf/silverlight

true separation of code and design, designer and developer can work simultaneously.

-embed new font with project.

–tools: WPF snoops-> very handy tool for debugging WPF.

-property grid control(extensive)


-solution support: noted.

-better support in xaml editing.

-source code support

-make Blend project source code public? noted.

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