Session: Agile Development with Microsoft Visual Studio

fun fact:In 1990s Microsoft used waterfall development.

Right tools accelerate the adoption of agile development.
1.test driven development. –>helps you focus on your goal.
DEMO: an web application that route from A to B
-define unit test first.
-in 2010, double click failed test cases will bring you to the responsible code.
-new refractor functionality in 2010, highlight lines of code and turn them into a new function.

2.Continuous integration.
-longer to integrate, the more expansive it gets.
-build process can be trigger by check-in.
-policy can be set to enforce unit-test before check-in.
-verify check-in by pre-build process, before actual check-in takes place.
-comprehensive build report in vs2010.

3.Weekly cycle
-product backlog
-iteration backlog
-incorporate Microsoft project.
-task breakdown
-daily scrum, use TFS, live task distribution, lots of reports in vs2010 to help analyze performance, estimates, task assignment, progress.


Third Party demo: Task Board
software task board, integrated with TFS, MS projects, etc…



note: most screen shot are taking from real vs2010 development team.

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